PREP TIME: 20 min. | TOTAL TIME: 4 hr. 20 min.

MAKES: 10 servings, 1/2 cup each


3/4 cup MIRACLE WHIP Dressing

1 tbsp. GREY POUPON Dijon Mustard

2 tsp. cider vinegar

2 lb. new red potatoes, quartered, cooked and cooled

4 cups coarsely chopped kale

2 apples, chopped

1/2 cup thinly sliced red onions


MIX dressing, mustard and vinegar until blended.

COMBINE remaining ingredients in large bowl. Add dressing mixture; mix lightly.

REFRIGERATE several hours or until chilled.


Add 6 slices cooked OSCAR MAYER Bacon, coarsely chopped, to chill salad just before serving.

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My day today was literally:

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  • f0chinaHi! i'm new in this tumblr world :) i find your blog to be amazing! i need to ask, when is "Pirate queen" new chapter coming out? (also i'm italian sorry if my english isn't perfect i'm trying really hard, please point out any mistake i made while writing it'll be really helpful)
  • Welcome to Tumblr! Thank you so much for the kind words :) Your English looks great from what I can see, so you must be studying hard. I don’t have many mistakes to point out - just work on remembering to capitalize those “i”s (“I need”; “I’m trying”; “I made”, etc.) 

    I’m so excited to hear from a “Pirate Queen” reader! I’ve been working away on the next chapter, but this week has been super busy. I hope I can get a new chapter posted by next week. I know it’s a bit of a wait, but please be patient with me :) 

    Thanks for stopping by! Good luck with your studies :D

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  • Thank you so much!! I think yours may be one of the first Tumblr reviews I’ve ever received for my drabbles. *happy dance* So glad you liked them :D

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I was just offered a job which would require me to spend all of July being paid to travel around the UK & Rome (with all expenses paid).

Some days my life is hard, but today is not one of those days. 

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Snow Bell! That’s such a cute name. Nice job!

Thank you kindly! This was a great idea - exactly the kick in the pants my muse needed after a long week :D

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CS Drabble - Small Treasures

A/N: Based on some spoiler photos from the set. If you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read any further!

Summary: Emma and Killian go back in time to save Snow and Charming from Zelena’s curse.


They appear in a flash of white magic. The warmth of Emma’s power fades slowly from their skin and they look around, disoriented.

"Did it work?" she asks, her voice filled with trepidation.

"Aye, lass, it did."

Killian’s words sound hollow, strange. She turns towards him and sees the cause. He’s flexing his fingers, staring open-mouthed at his restored hand.

"Your hand…"

He nods and looks up at her, his lips barely containing his smile.

"It would seem we have successfully gone back in time. Now, what’s next?"

"We need to find my parents." 

"And how would you recommend we do that?"

With her hands on her hips, she glances around the empty field they are standing in and feels her shoulders deflate. Their task is monumental - find David and Mary Margaret (somehow!) in this unfamiliar land and keep them safe from Zelena’s curse. No problem! Except for the fact that all they have to rely on is her rather unreliable magic.

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CS Drabble - The Secret (for Crackship Drabble Roulette!)

A/N: For Crackship Drabble Roulette - Tinker Bell and Snow

A princess must keep many secrets. Her own. Her family’s. Her kingdom’s. Royalty is an exhausting enterprise, one not easily undertaken. With so many secrets to hold, it should come as no surprise that every once in a while a secret would perchance slip out. Something small, whispered off the cuff so that no one of any import would hear. Other times, generally when fuelled by the indulgent pleasures of alcohol, larger secrets would emerge. Shocking secrets. Damaging secrets. Secrets that would make you gasp and furrow your brows.

Snow White had many such secrets, but perhaps none she held more closely to her heart than Tinker Bell. The green eyed, golden haired vixen had guided her first sojourn to the other side and not a soul knew but she and the fairy. Seeing her again in Neverland had struck her dumb and then fear had curled in her stomach – would she reveal their secret to the others? To Charming?

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please read this


what is wrong with you rachel




i read the summary first and

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does anybody else think tired and sleepy mean two totally different things

sleepy is cute and dozing off and happy but tired is 10 cups of coffee and murder


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